Groovecatcher is the alias of UK producer/composer Simon Cooper, also featuring composer/visual artist Phil Webb and Belgian vocalist Manuela Van Geenhoven.

Between the 2004-2006 Groovecatcher released the albums “After The Rain” and the digital EP “Further From Home”. In 2007 Phil and Simon formed their new project Grooves Xtra Rare (GXR) also featuring Manuela, but also collaborations with other artists such as Madison Park, Paul T, Kathie Talbot, TOAO, Kai Martin etc. GXR’s debut album “SKYLINES” was released in 2008 and follows on from Groovecatcher’s ambient, evocative dreamscapes. Now available in CD only, the (Amazon-exclusive) release of ‘Skylines is indeed the original 2008 limited edition CD album from GXR. This album pushes back the boundaries of chill-out. ‘Skylines’ encompasses lush downtempo, electronica, deep house, mellow drum n bass and trip hop within warm, evocative Balearic soundscapes.

Following their seminal remix of the classic Billie Holiday track ‘Long Gone Blues’ for Sony Legacy, ‘Skylines’ draws on all the experience and inspiration that has seen Cooper and Webb’s music appear on over 200 compilations and in the Top 10 iTunes Electronic charts worldwide. ‘Skylines’ album highlights include the luscious, floating chill-out of ‘Groove Diving’ and the vinylistic exquisite hip-hop funk of ‘Ultramarina’. The elegantly sensual vocals of Manuela Van Geenhoven return on ‘Time And Tide’, smooth Latin lounge evoking hot summer days on Balearic shores, and ‘Smoke And Mirrors’, an exotic adventure in mellow drum n bass through fleeting cities at night. Finishing the album on a high is the transforming deep house of ‘Dazed’, penned by Chris Brann (Ananda Project/Wamdue Project) and featuring the superb, smooth-as-silk vocals of Solu Music’s Kai Martin. The music on ‘Skylines’ transports the listener into that rarefied zone between the city and the sky, visual and unique, where soundscapes as ethereal as the clouds meet the deepest beats from the street. Enjoy both GXR and Groovecatcher music works from Simon Cooper and be listening for more to come.