basicLUX Records” was founded in 2002 with the goal of increasing the reach of music meant to be loved and lived with everyday… A modern, sophisticated blend of smooth house, bossa, chill, downtempo, lush electronica and dance-pop is what you will find here.

From the beginning, our mission has been to showcase great songwriting and production in this genre by offering a refined sound that we like to call new style lounge. We began with the New Sound Theory series, one of the original chilled compilation series, a la Buddha Bar, Hotel Costes. From there we moved forward with thematic CD’s such as Roxy ReModeled and The Mistletoe Lounge, as well as launch downtempo duo,Madison Park.

Our motto is simple: Music is a “luxury” in life that we all “need”. And since music is a basic need for all of us, we hope to help fulfill that need for you.

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A handful of quotes from our industry friends below…

New Sound Theory is “Funky, but upscale, mellow, but upbeat. A must-have moodsetter for every sophisticated clubber’s home CD changer.” –San Francisco Examiner

“New Sound Theory will no doubt be the Chill House compilation of the year. Check it out now and be mesmerized.” –Next Magazine

“Madison-Park know what it means to flirt with a commercially viable approach-while keeping their hearts in uncomprised electronic music territory. – Chain D.L.K.

“Ranging from hooky downtempo to sexy house. Madison Park’s “Boutique” makes an excellent companion for your next cocktail party.”BMP Magazine

“Affectionate skip down pop-nostalgia lane, encapsulating without imitating the Roxy Music hallmark.” –StereoLab.com

“New Sound Theory, Volume 2 is the perfect soundtrack for high-end bars with cocktails named Mokatini & long-haired girls with expensive shoes flit about the room.” –XLR8R Magazine

“The Mistletoe Lounge is a mighty fine place to recline–or dance the night away–on a cold December evening. So grab a cold one, and kick back!” –christmasremixed.com

“The warm, rolling tones and crisp beats of New Sound Theory, Volume 1 work equally well whether you’re looking to chill out or go out.”–Creative Loafing

“Big holiday classics and a few new tunes get this welcomed electronic treatment. Jolly good time, indeed.”     –BPM Magazine