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06.28.24 We are so excited to announce the re-issue of Groovecatcher’s groundbreaking titles After the Rain and Further From Home. Both albums, as of today, are back on all streaming platforms! 

04.23.24 Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Madison Park album, Boutique. This is Madison Park’s debut album. Watch the video here produced to celebrate the 20 year mark. Boutique Celebration Video

08.18.23 Out Now! New Madison Park “More Than This” – Bossa Nova Mix and it’s vailable at all digital platforms. Click here for various streaming retailers: Madison Park “More Than This” Bossa Nova Mix

06.4.22 Out Now! New Remixes for Madison Park “Saving You, Saving Me”(Jan Areno Remixes) Find it at your favorite platform here

11.19.21 New Madison Park Single OUT NOW “Saving You, Saving Me”. Click here to listen at your favorite music platform

09.17.21 Now Available on All Streaming Platforms… SKYLINES by Groovecatcher. This brilliant album features chillout gems including “Groove Diving” and “Name In Lights” while also featuring two collaborations with Madison Park “Light Years Away” and “Sad Sad Love Song”. You’ll also find “Fade Away” featuring Manuela Van Geenhoven. You can find SKYLINES at your favorite retailer here:

09.03.21 OUT NOW Groovecatcher’s new Single “Smoke & Mirrors” Radio Edit. Click this link to take you to your favorite digital retailer.

07.22.21 We’re excited to announce new Groovecatcher music coming 09.03.21. Be on the lookout on social media and all digital music platforms.

01.04.21 Feeling that Winter chill in the air? Enjoy our compilation, Winter Chill Essentials, found at your favorite digital retailer such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Beatport and more.

12.02.20 Holiday season means The Mistletoe Lounge and Holiday Remixed should be in full rotation for house music and chillout music fans everywhere. Both titles can be found at all digital platforms, Amazon for CD copy, and Amazon for The Mistletoe Lounge on Vinyl. Yes, Vinyl! Don’t miss it! And Happy Holidays to you and yours.

11.06.20 NEW Extended Mixes for “Sensual” by Madison Park Madison Park “Sensual” Extended Mixes

10.23.20 New Remixes for “Sensual” by Madison Park – Sensual – The Remixes – Radio Edits Madison Park – Sensual – The Remixes – Radio Edits

10.12.20 New Lyric Video for Sensual” by Madison Park is now available  Madison Park “Sensual” Official Lyric Video

09.18.20 OUT NOW “Sensual” by Madison Park. Click this link to take you there!

09.14.20 New Music Video for SAVANNA by Groovecatcher now available

09.04 .20 OUT NOW :: “Savanna” by Groovecatcher. This EPIC new Single can be heard at various digital platforms by clicking this link: Don’t miss this sonic trip across the Savanna landscape!

11.29.19 We are excited to announce we have The Mistletoe Lounge now Available on Vinyl! For over ten years this title has been a music staple for many during the holidays. The Mistletoe Lounge has made the Top 10 and Top 20 in various countries on iTunes season after season and continues to garner new fans each year. This is the first year we’ve placed the title on Vinyl and because of that it is a Limited Run. You can find it at Amazon in this format as well as CD, and/or stream it at various sites such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Beatport and more. Wishing you happy holidays as they are officially now here!

09.20.19 Out Now: Hypnotise Me, EP with Groovecatcher and Madison Park is now available and can be found at Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Beatport, Deezer, and more!

06.08.18 Now Available! Remixes for “Send Me An Angel” the remake by Madison Park and Groovecatcher originally available  as a chillout rework. Now Jan Areno puts his spin on the track to create a house version masterpiece and we couldn’t be more pleased. Find “Send Me An Angel” The Jan Areno Remixes at iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Tidal, and more. Click on the link to take you directly to the release at each of these sites Spotify + iTunes  and Deezer. Thank you for supporting our artists!

02.02.18 **Out Now** Aqua de Vida, the new Groovecatcher EP, which will inspire, ignite and fill your senses with an energy and beauty found deeply embedded in music we embrace and have grown to expect from the UK-based chillout artist. We can’t say enough about how incredible this new music is. Find it at iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Beatport, Amazon, and more. Link to release on iTunes can be found here: Aqua de Vida **Enjoy!**

12.01.17 **Out Now** “Send Me An Angel”. Madison Park teams up with Groovecatcher to recreate the 80’s new classic “Send Me An Angel” by Real Life. This hauntingly captivating version is the first remake of the 80’s hit for the chillout genre, being quoted as a masterpiece project between the two. “Send Me An Angel” can be found at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Beatport, and more. This rework is the second single from Groovecatcher’s upcoming EP, Aqua de Vida, set to release February, 2018.

09.29.17 **Out Now** NEW Groovecatcher Single “X Communication”. This is the first Single from the upcoming Groovecatcher EP, Aqua de Vida, to be released February, 2018.  Find “X Communication” at iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, Google Play, Amazon and more. Remember: X marks the spot. So be sure to not miss and thank you for your support of this artist!

09.06.17 New Groovecatcher coming 09.29.17. Stay tuned!

07.07.17 Be sure to have our smooth house Summer Vibin‘ as a part of your poolside playlist this season. Find it at iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, Google Play, and more.

05.26.17 Remixes for Madison Park’s “Don’t Let Go” now available here on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, Amazon and more. The feedback has been phenomenal, so don’t miss it!

03.15.17 Look-out for two brand new Madison Park with Groovecatcher tracks appearing on the upcoming George V Cafe CD compiled by Olivier Drignon. The CD release date is 03.17.17 and kicks off with “Hypnotize Me”. Also listen for “Calling and Calling”. Find the digital CD at iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Junodownload and more. Physical CD is available in-stores Europe only.

01.20.17 New Madison Park Single now Available, “Don’t Let Go”. Find it at iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer and more. Remixes for “Don’t Let Go” coming soon! So check out this latest track and stay tuned. Click here for “Don’t Let Go”

12.13.16 We have some perfectly winter chill releases for you to choose from… Holiday Remixed, The Mistletoe Lounge, and Winter Chill Essentials. All available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. May your holidays be safe and filled with joy.

07.29.16 NEW and Now Available: Spa Sounds… A special project by highly regarded chillout artist, Groovecatcher.
The serenity of Spa Sounds will bring tranquil vibes to your day and sooth your mind at night, as it speaks to the heart and satisfies the soul. Find Spa Sounds by Groovecatcher on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music and much more. Spa Sounds on iTune

07.22.16 New release coming 07.29.16, SPA SOUNDS. Spa Sounds is a special project written and produced by UK-based chillout artist, Groovecatcher. Be on the lookout!

05.06.16 NEW basicLUX release Nightlife House Essentials now available. Find this collection of house tracks at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and more. Click here for Nightlife House Essentials on iTunes

04.10.16 Great news! Madison Park’s “Closer” has achieved #4 Breakout track on Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart as well as strong support on various FM Radio for both Dance and Pop formats. Closer – The Remixes on iTunes and Closer – The Remixes on Spotify

03.04.16 Out Now! Madison Park + Beechkraft ‘CLOSER – THE REMIXES. Featuring remixes by Mike Rizzo, Jan Areno, Groovecatcher, Craig C + Sinna G and Rob Moore. Available at your favorite digital retailer and streaming radio!

02.18.16 Now available for Pre-order: New Madison Park Maxi-Single “Closer – The Remixes” at iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. On 03.04.16 find it at Beatport, Spotify, Rhapsody and more.

02.03.16 Huge thank you to Sphere Music for this excellent review of our Winter Chill Essentials compilation.

01.15.16 It’s new music Friday and we have a brand new basicLUX release for you today -the first in our Essentials Series, Winter Chill Essentials. This compilation features artists from across the globe including Lemongrass, Groovecatcher, Madison Park, Gabriel Diggs, Paul T, Perfect Project, Deep Dreamer and Bleu Screen. Smooth house and chillout are the key components delivered through strong melodic hooks, deep beats, and sultry vocals. *We’d like to acknowledge an extra special thanks to (TAG) Amy Rader for the CD art and Alex Martinez for photography. And most of all thank you… our listeners! Find Winter Chill Essentials at your favorite digital retailer such as iTunes here:

01.01.16 Thank you to BBC Introducing Cornwall and The David White Show for including Groovecatcher w/ Madison Park track “I Don’t Want to Know” in the Top Tracks of 2015.

01.01.16 Thank you to Nexus Radio and your listeners for including “Closer” by Madison Park + Beechkraft in the Top 100 tracks for 2015.

12.12.15 We have a new ‘Holiday House Mix’ for you. Feel free to share it with friends. Just click here and enjoy: Holiday House Mix

11.28.15 It’s that time of year where holiday music is a must so be sure to check out our titles Holiday Remixed and The Mistletoe Loungefor reworked Christmas and holiday classics in nu style lounge. House music and downtempo music fans will love these CD’s. Available at iTunes, Beatport, Amazon for both physical CD and digital download. Or stream it on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio, Rhapsody and more! Happy Holidays to you and yours. -basicLUX

10.27.15 New Smooth House & Electro House Mix for your listening pleasure. Click here: Smooth House & Electro House Mix (And please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more)

09.10.15 New Madison Park Video for “Every Single Day” found on the album, MIX by Madison Park + Beechkraft. View this new video here! Every Single Day – Madison Park + Beechkraft

08.25.15 For a preview of Pale Moon, Groovecatcher’s latest EP click here: Groovecatcher – Preview of Pale Moon EP

08.05.15 If you want to experience the most simplest way to preview MIX click this YouTube link here: MIX by Madison Park + Beechkraft

07.27.15 We have a new hour-long mix to share with you featuring various basicLUX artists and tracks. This one is for chillout music fans compiled by our friends at Keep It Underground. Chill-Out, Lounge, and Relax 1-hour Mix

06.24.15 Check out the new VIDEO REMIX for Lenny B’s Radio Edit of “Parts of Me” by Madison Park + Beechkraft. Enjoy new footage in this black and white version; all shot in Alaska. “Parts of Me” Lenny B Remix Video by Madison Park + Beechkraft

06.15.15 YouTube users: we encourage you to check out our friends, Keep It Underground, and subscribe to their YouTube channel for daily uploads of various artists ranging from chillout, deep house, electronic music and more. We feel certain you will enjoy this channel!

06.10.15 Enjoy the new Groovecatcher video for “Soul Blast” as found on the Pale Moon EP.

06.02.15 Thank you to Nexus Radio formerly known as Fusion for charting “Closer” by Madison Park + Beechkraft at #7 this week! Be sure to check out their new station here:

05.20.15 Huge thank you to Earl Watts, Jazzy Lounge and their listeners for making “Closer” by Madison Park + Beechkraft chart at #1!

05.10.15 Listen to Groovecatcher on BBC Radio 1 with Huw Stephens. Thank you for supporting Groovecatcher, Huw!

05.07.15 We’re looking for wintery-sounding chill tracks so artists, producers, if you have something send it our way. Please email [email protected]. Thank you!

05.06.15 If you’re looking for zen music to seriously chill-out to then check out the album, Harmony, The Paul T Project. Relaxation guaranteed. Find it on Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, more. For Harmony on iTunes please click here:

05.05.15 After appearing on the World Chill-Lounge Charts with “Parts of Me” for 21 weeks now, we’d like to present the remix package with remixes from Lenny B, Beechkraft, and DJ Sinna-G. Please visit iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Junodownload, Spotify and more. For “Parts of Me – The Remixes” on iTunes please click here:

04.20.15 MIX by Madison Park + Beechkraft is now available on Beatport, and with a featured appearance in the Pop/Rock section to boot! Please be sure to check it out here:

03.31.15 New Madison Park album drops today 03.31.15! Madison Park + Beechkraft titled MIX can be found at iTunes, Beatport, Amazon for both physical and digital formats, and more. Be sure to check it out and just know this, we appreciate and thank you deeply! For MIX on iTunes please click here:

03.24.15 One week from today Madison Park releases a fourth album, titled MIX. A 14-track collaboration with Dutch dance producer Beechkraft; please be on the look-out for MIX! Available for pre-order now at iTunes and Amazon, both digital and physical CD formats. As of 03.31.15 MIX will be available everywhere including Beatport, Juno, Spotify, eMusic, and more.

03.08.15 Today marks the 10-year anniversary of our CD release of Roxy Re-Modeled. This basicLUX CD includes an international roster of artists reinterpreting their favorite Roxy Music tracks. The results are quoted as stunning, sexy, and sensual. It was our hope that this collection would remind fans of why Roxy Music was and remains so important to the music scene today. “More Than This” by Madison Park vs Lenny B appeared on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart for multiple weeks as well as becoming the 2nd-most played dance track on internet radio for six weeks at the time. Check out the entire album here and don’t miss gems “Love is the Drug” by J.A.C.E., “Angel Eyes by Perfect Project” and “Ten Cents a Dance by Wilson”. Find it at iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, more or listen here at Soundcloud:

02.15.15 Tune in to BBC Radio Cornwall and Jazzy 3 to hear new material from Groovecatcher’s EP Pale Moon including “I Don’t Want to Know” with Madison Park.

02.10.15 Check out Jazzy Lounge’s Top 25 to hear Kris Taylor’s “In Theory” from New Sound Theory, Volume 2.

01.16.15 Great news on the latest Madison Park & Beechkraft single as “Parts of Me” charts at number 9 this week on World Chill Lounge Charts.

01.04.15 The second of Groovecatcher’s monthly “Lunar Tides” mix show on Ocean Radio Chilled will broadcast at 4pm EST on Monday 5th January. This mix includes some of Simon’s personal favorites by Thievery Corporation, Max Melvin, Bitter:Sweet, Sven Van Hees and many more. Please tune at

12.16.14 Be sure to order your copy of The Mistletoe Lounge on Amazon in CD format or on iTunes and Beatport for your digital copy. This CD is chock-full of reworked classics by artists including Kaskade, Madison Park, Groovecatcher, Paul T and more… We also have Holiday Remixed, the first pair of the series! We strongly suggest that you don’t hold a holiday party without at least one of these titles! And we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

12.09.14 NEW: Video for “Parts of Me” by Madison Park & Beechkraft can be viewed here: Parts of Me by Madison Park & Beechkraft

12.02.14 New SINGLE Madison Park & Beechkraft “Parts of Me” is now available! Find it at iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and more. And be on the look-out for the new video shot in Alaska in the next few days. As always, thank you for your support!

11.04.4 The new Madison Park CD is now completed and the mastering date has been set for 11.10.14 with Colin Leonard at SING Mastering. Do stay tuned for this release!

10.20.14 It’s been nearly a week since the release of the new Groovecatcher, EP PALE MOON and what a tremendous response it is receiving. With adds to a great number of radio stations worldwide and awesome responses by fans, we remain very excited to have them as part of our team here at basicLUX. Many thanks to you for YOUR support. And if you haven’t had a chance to check it just yet please find it at iTunes, Amazon, Junodownload, Beatport and many more.

10.14.14 NEW: Pictorial Video for “The Color of Sound” by Groovecatcher can be seen here: The Color of Sound by Groovecatcher

10.09.14 A few things to share with you! Madison Park has wrapped up the video for their first single from the upcoming new album. The track is called “Parts of Me”. Shot in Alaska where the imagery was a perfect match for this new song; this piece is one to watch and we look forward to sharing it with you. The single will be released on 12.02.14. Please mark that calendar. Next up, it’s less than a week before the new Groovecatcher EP, Pale Moon, is available. Pale Moon is receiving great feedback and support, and you can pre-order yours here! Lastly. don’t miss tonight’s New Sound Theory radio show with DJ Jason Rimmer on He’s full-on entertainment to listen to and has impeccable music taste. Find out for yourselves and tune in at 10pm PST on

09.08.14 You can now pre-order your copy of the sonically striking Groovecatcher EP, Pale Moon. Please find it on iTunes or Amazon for pre-orders. Release date is 10.14.14.

08.22.14 Tune-in to the New Sound Theory radio show at hosted by our team’s DJ JASON RIMMER. You’ll find a unique blend of rare grooves and downtempo gems on Thursdays 8-9pm, Saturday 2-3am, and Sundays 3-4am all Pacific Standard Time.

7.20.14 It is officially safe to mark the release date for the next Groovecatcher EP, titled Pale Moon. We know very well that the long-time as well as newcomer GC fans are looking for this! The release date is 10.14.14. We’ll keep you posted with more Groovecatcher news as we go along! Please mark your calendars.

7.15.14 Artists Madison Park and Beechkraft who’s collaboration brought us the Billboard Dance charter, Sunrise, are nearing the completion of the next Madison Park album, as in days away from completion. Updates will be made regularly regarding the release date of this project. We’re all anxiously awaiting this one!

7.11.14 We’d like to welcome South African based writer and composer, Jean Erasmus to the team! More details to follow!

06.02.14 We’d like to officially welcome chill-out artist, Groovecatcher, to our team. This is very exciting news! The founder and creative heart of Groovecatcher is composer/producer Simon Cooper. Surrounded and inspired by the sea and sun of Cornwall UK, Simon’s music has appeared on more than 200 compilation albums worldwide, including releases by Hed Kandi, Sony BMG, Universal, EMI, Sony Legacy, Polygram, Zyx Music, basicLUX Records, Peacelounge Recordings etc. The voice of Groovecatcher is Belgian singer Manuela Van Geenhoven. Transcending genres and styles, Manuela is an original, sensual and instantly recognizable voice, her contribution to Groovecatcher takes the music and the listener to the next level… and beyond. Please be looking for their first basicLUX release later this year!

04.02.14 We are happy to announce that basicLUX Records has officially joined The Orchard’s Multi Channel Network on YouTube. Please check out our new channel and subscribe here: – We send a FREE download when you subscribe. Just notify us through a quick email in case your YT channel isn’t set to notification status. Thank you!

03.20.14 NEW: Lyric video for “Let’s Dance” by Madison Park vs Beechkraft. The single is continuing to receive great radio and club play, so many thanks for all levels of support. Check out the Lyric video here:

02.11.14 One of our favorite UGC (User Generated Videos) we’ve seen, yet. Enjoy “Love Solution” by Madison Park and The Sunday People.

01.06.14 We have to brag for a minute… We have some really exciting projects in the works for basicLUX and we ask that you stay closely tuned. You won’t want to miss a minute of it. HAPPY 2014

12.20.13 We can officially announce that Groovecatcher is now back in the studio chair again. And the music creations are sounding amazing.

12.11.13 Don’t forget to bring out your favorite holiday CD’s for this time of year, The Mistletoe Lounge and Holiday Remixed. And if you’re not familiar with these basicLUX titles, be sure to check-em-out at iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Junodownload and more. Or perhaps request a listen on Pandora, Spotify or Soma FM to name a few. Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy the season.

11.27.13 Just a quick thank you to all DJ’s, radio hosts and most of all fans for supporting the latest Madison Park vs Beechkraft single “Let’s Dance”. We couldn’t dance without you!

11.12.13 New Madison Park single, out now! Madison Park and Amsterdam-based producer Beechkraft have reworked David Bowie’s classic “Let’s Dance”. With quick ads made to various club playlists and radio mix shows, don’t miss it! “Let’s Dance” is available at all favorite digital download stores such as iTunes, Beatport, Juno, and more.

11.01.13 Have you noticed our website is looking extra fabulous lately? It’s been revised, revamped, reworked! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and we’ll email you a complimentary download.

10.29.13 New Madison Park single coming 11.12.13. Stay tuned! and hint hint “Let’s Dance”!

10.01.13 The limited-edition CD “Skylines” by GXR (aka Groovecatcher) is once again, available. Exclusively on Amazon.

9.17.13 Bleu Screen completes another beautiful track for upcoming release. Mystical, moving, melodic.

9.15.13 Our catalog on Spotify is now fully up-to-date. Please find us on Spotify and thanks for making us a part of your music selection.

8.18.13 Two of the New Sound Theory collections make the Top 25 Jazzy Lounge Radio with Singapore-based Paul T’s “Krush Groove” and Chris Brann’s “Between Them”. Huge thanks to Earl Watts and Jazzy Lounge. Click here for more information.

7.5.13 Thank you to everyone who has submitted material for the upcoming volume of New Sound Theory (Volume 5). We are currently reviewing all submissions and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

6.13.13 The latest Madison Park video is a wrap as of today. And the team here is feeling most proud and accomplished. Watch here:

5.20.13 Bleu Screen’s material was great in the past; even greater now. The new track submitted today is incredible. Must say…..

5.03.13 Madison Park and Beechkraft ink an arrangement to create a full-length album together. Expected to be completed by Fall, 2013.

4.29.13 Much of our team is in sunny Phoenix, AZ shooting the upcoming Madison Park video. Excited!

2.12.13 Bleu Screen is creating some beautiful, blissful music for the masses. Hoping to issue a new Bleu Screen album in 2014.

11.11.12 Christmas is here and it’s Whole Foods Markets who says so! Making our way into the WFM’s of the southeast with “Holiday Remixed” and “The Mistletoe Lounge” as of last week… Wicked good stuff.

10.29.12 Pinning down amazing tracks for upcoming New Sound Theory, Volume FIVE. Yes in case you haven’t heard… Volume 5 of the NST series is in the works.

9.10.12 “Sunrise” (Madison Park vs Beechkraft) has moved up the Billboard Club/Play Chart to #28. Just how can we express our thanks?! We’ll begin by saying it: THANK YOU to all supporting this track. Please see your favorite download site for both “Sunrise” and “Sunrise – Round Two.” Thank you, basicLUX family!

9.2.12 Now appearing on the Billboard Club/Play Chart at #37, “Sunrise” Madison Park vs Beechkraft. And boy are we happy about it! Endless thanks to all supporting “Sunrise”. Can’t thank you enough.

8.23.12 “Sunrise” Madison Park vs Beechkraft has now entered the Billboard Dance Chart Top 50 at #44. Thank you to all!

7.20.12 Madison Park’s latest single “Sunrise” (Madison Park vs Beechkraft) has entered the Billboard Dance Chart as #4 Breakout. Many thanks to all supporting “Sunrise”. May it continue to rise!

7.15.20 NEW SOUND THEORY, VOLUME 5: Submissions remain open at this time. If you have a chilled-out house track, a groovy downtempo piece that needs and wants to be heard, email your music and artist info to: [email protected]. Thank you!

7.10.12 NEW Madison Park vs Beechkraft SUNRISE – ROUND TWO. Featuring Lenny B, IceLess, Vinny, Knut Throndsen and Numan Paul. Available at your favorite digital download store. (iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Junodownload, and more).

7.09.12  We want to thank ALL of the remixers who entered The Jazzy Chillout Remix Contest! It was a challenging decision with the tremendous amount of talent out there. With that being said, the winner is: Przemyslaw Grezlak, First Runner Up: Yumenomado, and Second Runner Up: Chris Traxx. Many thanks to the co-hosts of the contest including Scorpio Music Productions, Peace Love Productions and Soundtrack Loops. It’s been a true pleasure!

7.3.12 Winner of the Jazzy Chillout Remix Contest will be announced July 9, 2012. Check with us then! Winner will appear on the upcoming New Sound Theory CD, Volume 5.Click here for more.

5.30.12 Jazzy Chillout Remix Contest: Don’t miss this Chillout Remix Contest sponsored by Scorpio Music Productions, Peace Love Productions, Soundtrack Loops and basicLUX Records. Produce a track with a “New Sound Theory” vibe using pieces by Scorpio Music. Winner appears on New Sound Theory, Volume 5. Contest ends June 30th.  Click here for more information.

4.1.12 The winners of the “Sunrise” remix contest hosted by Soundtrack Loops have been announced. We truly appreciate each entry; it’s the toughest contest we’ve had to judge, yet. Each remix brought something extra special to the track as there’s a remarkable amount of talent out there. Can’t thank each of you enough for being a part. Click here for results.

3.10.12 REMIX CONTEST “Sunrise” Madison Park vs Beechkraft has closed. Many, many thanks to all remixers and special thanks to Soundtrack Loops for hosting the contest! Check back for details on announcement of winners.

3.2.12 9 days remaining to enter REMIX CONTEST hosted by Soundtrack loops “Sunrise” Madison Park vs Beechkraft. Don’t miss it!Click here for more information.

2.17.12: Radio Support (terrestrial-mix-show, satellite and internet)and Record Pool support on “Sunrise” going strong! Can’t thank those supporting the single enough. Shout out to all DJ’s, Radio Hosts, and Record Pools and special thank you to Brad LeBeau and ProMotion Lift Team.

2.09.12: Bleu Screen in the studio, crafting new beauties. Be on the look-out.

2.1.12 Quick mention of side-project (personal creation ) of label artist Madison Park — vegan, travel-size creamer SOYGO. Hitting the road for those gigs? Grab your SoyGo!

1.31.12 Soundtrack Loops hosts REMIX CONTEST for “Sunrise” Madison Park vs Beechkraft. Read here for details.

1.27.12 New VIDEO for “Sunrise” Madison Park vs Beechkraft. View here:

12.9.11 New Madison Park single “SUNRISE” streets. Madison Park vs Beechkraft. Find it on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, eMusic and more…

9.13.11 New Madison Park CD Single “Madison Park vs Beechkraft – FASCINATED” streets today. Find it on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, eMusic and more…

9.1.11 Nearing the re-release of both “The Mistletoe Lounge” and “Holiday Remixed” CD’s as we begin to approach fall. Many claim they listen to these CD’s year-round! We love those people.

7.24.11 Upcoming Single, “Fascinated” is set to release September 13th. “Fascinated” is a Madison Park collaboration withAmsterdam-based Dutch Producer, Beechkraft.

5.1.11 In the studio with Beechkraft. Wait for it!

3.20.11 Thank You” to all of the fabulous DJ’s and radio hosts who have been supporting the Madison Park single, “I Stumble, Fall”. And to each fan who has downloaded this single. Thank you immensely. Without you… there’s no place for us.

3.15.11 Madison Park Interview with Maggie Della-Rocco of Venter Out Magazine here:

2.1.11 Beechkraft Radio Edit of Madison Park “I Stumble, Fall. View here:

1.19.11 New Video Remix of “I Stumble, Fall” Mike Bordes mix. View here:

1.10.10 BPM Buzz features Madison Park “I Stumble, Fall” You can read about it here.

1.01.11Women’s Radio Review And we also love and appreciate what they had to say about our latest single, “I Stumble, Fall”… “If your last name is ‘Cool,’ you’re automatically grandfathered into our musical scope. No lies, realtalk right here. James and DeAnna Cool aka Madison Park have done it again… created a blissful pop/electronica single to rival their entire back catalogue! Read more here

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